To accelerate translation, we seek collaborations and strategic partnerships with biotech, pharma and academic stakeholders for joint research efforts, commercialization strategies, and to develop clinical studies for translation of new treatments.

MYCimmune program strives to advance MYC-directed therapeutic concepts to early phase clinical testing through an R&D program, by leveraging affiliations of the founding scientists with two major cancer centers – UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center in the US and the Finnish Network of Cancer Centers (FICAN) in Finland.

MYCimmune aims to create a strong IP position and robust patent portfolio to support the development of a biotechnology strategy to accelerate clinical translation of the MYCimmune leads. We are interested in collaborations and strategic partnerships with pharma, biotech, and academic stakeholders to leverage our and our partners’ capabilities in developing ground-breaking new treatments for human cancer.

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1. Pharma

Research, Translation, Clinical Concepts and Trials

2. Biotech

Licensing, Methods, Compounds, Commercialization

3. Academic

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