MYCimmune Innovation Team

Pauliina Munne

Munne has over 10 years of experience in translational research in the fields of oncology and genomics. She has worked in high-profile research laboratories, public-private partnerships and in many collaborative research projects with biotech and pharmaceutical industry, resulting in highly influential scientific papers and Intellectual Property. She has strong expertise in project management and coordination and she has led several Business Finland funded projects focusing on developing research into new business and commercialization of the research. She has filed international patent applications and actively generates research-based innovation disclosures for the University of Helsinki.

Margareta Klabbers

Klabbers holds Master Degrees in Law (2011) and Science (2006) and she is currently finalizing a PhD in Law at the University of Helsinki. She has wide experience in expert, administrative and research positions in the fields of scientific research administration (Academy of Finland, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki) and international law (United Nations, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland). She has represented Finland in international settings, including in numerous meetings and working groups of the European Union and the United Nations.